Megadeth – Biography

The American heavy metal band Megadeth was founded by Dave Mustaine. A number of outstanding musicians have contributed to the fact that the Megadeth group has a legendary status. But, it is impossible to deny that it is the vision and consistency of the red-haired guitarist, the gifted vocalist Dave Mustaine that the team now belongs to the metal classics.

Looking from a marketing point of view, Megadeth had ensured good start, because it was a team of the guy that was fired from Metallica. In 1985, Megadeth relaesed their first album “Killing Is My Business … And Business Is Good!”. Mustaine included one of his compositions with Metallica – “Four Horsemen” in this debut album with original lyrics and titled it “Mechanix”. This album proved his recourse to fame.

It is worth mentioning at this point that two more musicians contributed to Megadeth’s formation in early years. The first is the bassist Dave Ellefson, who for several years remained the leader of the formation and was Mustaine’s closest collaborator (But, they parted ways in 2003, when Dave Ellefson moved court). Second is Kerry King. Yes, he later left Megadeth to form his own band Slayer.

Megadeth debut record aroused great interest and won a lot of success. The next album, released by Capitol “Peace Sells … But Who’s Buying?”, convinced the doubters that they were dealing with an exceptional team. This album became a landmark in the heavy metal albums space. Unfortunately, Mustaine got on to the wrong side of fame and fell into heroin addiction, which he had to fight for a long time. Drugs made him even more difficult man to cooperate.

Then there were some changes in the composition of the group. Megadeth recorded a third album “So Far, So Good … So What!”, with Jeff Young and Chuck Beehler (respectively guitarist and drums tech), who replaced Chris Poland and Gar Samuelson. This album included the song “In My Darkest Hour” which was dedicated to Cliff Burton, the bass player of Metallica who died tragically. Another song “Hook In Mouth” attacked the organization PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center).

Then, Marty Friedman joined Megadeth as lead guitarist and Nick Menza as the drummer. The composition of these 2 with Mustaine is considered by many to be the best in the history of the band. They came with their album “Rust in Peace” in 1990. This album was a great commercial hit. Disc reached 23rd place on the Billboard and recorded platinum sales (over a million copies in the U.S.).

Later Dave prepared the next album with only slightly simplified compositions, which proved to be one of the biggest commercial successes – “Countdown To Extinction”. The album debuted on the “billboard” for second place. It rapidly became a double platinum in the United States.

Another album “Youthanasia”, was released in 1994 when Megadeth was at the peak of popularity. Other albums that Megadeth recorded are “Cryptic Writings” and “Risk”. However the album “The World Needs A Hero” released in May 2001 passed almost unnoticed. Dave was having problems with other members of Megadeth and they almost split apart –  Al Pitrelli, Dave Ellefson, Jimmy DeGrasso. Then Dave Mustaine suffered severe arm injury and thus announced the end of Megadeth in 2002.

Fortunately, after treatment and rehabilitation, Dave returned to the music. He carried out re-issues of all Megadeth albums issued by Capitol and also released a new album “The System Has Failed” (in 2004) which was well received. It is worth mentioning that in his recording, he took one of the best session drummers in the world, Vinnie Colaiuta.

Mustaine in the later years released “Greatest Hits: Back to the Start”, “Arsenal of Megadeth”. Other compilation albums of Megadeth include “Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years”, “Still Alive… and Well?”, “Anthology: Set the World Afire”.